Fated Mate

Fated Mate - Vanessa  Sims 3.5 stars

This short story is the start of a new wolf shifter series. Best friends Isaiah and Ethan realize that they are true mates and spend years trying to deny it. Not only are the two not gay, but they are sure that the pack would never accept two male mates.

Five years later, Ethan tells Isaiah he has decided to take a female mate, Isaiah and his wolf are determined to do whatever is necessary to claim Ethan as a true mate. As Isaiah grows in his certainty that he cannot live without his true mate, Ethan continues to question it and as word gets out to the pack things only get more difficult and dangerous. Although the two Beta wolves do have the support of their Alpha, Noah, the Elders and some other pack members have no problem making their disgust clear.

There is a lot happening in this short and while I enjoyed the pace of the story, I did wish some aspects had been a bit more in depth. Isaiah was a sympathetic character throughout and I do look forward to reading Noah's story next. Overall it was an engaging, quick read and a good start to a new series.

A copy of this book was provided by the author for an honest review.