Impractical Magic

Impractical Magic - M.J. O'Shea I was hoping for Fen's story since I finished [b:Newton's Laws of Attraction|18740543|Newton's Laws of Attraction|M.J. O'Shea||26618943] and I was not disappointed. The story starts off overlapping the end of the first book, but you wouldn't be lost if you read this as a standalone (although why you would skip the first book is beyond me).

Sexy fireman Kevin is living in Fen's apartment complex for the summer, as he fills in at work for his uncle. The two have a quick connection and are planning on having a good time while Kevin is there. Since Fen's best friend Ben is away in LA for the year and things are still tense between Ben and Rory, who was left behind, it could not have come at a more perfect time. There was no serious discussion of a future when Kevin leaves, but Fen finds himself pining and trying to navigate whatever is left between himself and Kevin through texts and phone calls. On top of everything, Fen must now admit to his family and friends that he is not as straight as they thought he was.

The story is sexy and sweet and while the angst is toned down in this story, there is still drama and a horribly heartbreaking moment as Fen and Kevin try to figure things out. All the men from Newton's Laws are back to lend Fen support and interfere as necessary. Another wonderful story from [a:M.J. O'Shea|3512511|M.J. O'Shea|] who has quickly become an auto-buy author for me.