Sidelined - Mercy Celeste This was different in tone than the first book, but still contained plenty of drama, angst, humor and emotional ups and downs.

Tracy and Levi both have baggage, but when the two meet up at the start of the story, Levi is at one of his lowest points. His career is suddenly over, he is back in his hometown drowning his sorrows and living in a trailer behind his little brother's mansion. I really enjoyed watching Levi's character develop and the way his personality emerges towards the end was unexpected. He is absolutely my favorite character in the story at this point. Levi and Tracy have good chemistry and I enjoyed Tracy getting all protective over his man.

Bo and Dylan's story is also continuing, with some more light shed on what went on after Bo received the KIA notification in the first book. I know some people did not like that part of the storyline since Bo basically cheated on Dylan, but I'm not turned off of stories that have that issue and found it was portrayed in a believable manner.

There is so much craziness going on with Tracy and Levi, but that is one of the reasons I enjoy [a:Mercy Celeste|4615197|Mercy Celeste|]'s stories. This series has sucked me in and I immediately jumped in to the next book.