Rainbow Blues

Rainbow Blues - K.C. Burn An overall sweet romance between two grown men, somewhat opposite, but ready to settle into a relationship. Jimmy is 38, but appears much younger, a teacher/actor, with an outgoing personality. Luke is 43, in construction and it's been two years since he came out and divorced the woman he was with since school. He hasn't had anything more than some hookups since that time and his adult son, tired of seeing him alone, signs him up for the Rainbow Blues social group for blue collar gay men. It is an outing arranged through the group that brings Luke to see Jimmy starring in a play. When the two men lock eyes across the room, the attraction is instant and electric.

While the two men move rather quickly in their relationship, it didn't strike me as unbelievable. Both are older, know what they want and are not looking to play games. Of course there are bumps in the road with Luke's family, but the relationship is really tested when Jimmy is offered a job that will keep him away for Luke for months. Although honest and level headed throughout, Luke does something while Jimmy is gone that is at the top of my personal pet peeve list for relationships, and could destroy the good thing they had. He pulls the old, I know what is best for us and I am going to leave you for your own good without talking to you, move. I hate that. Other than that, I enjoyed the story quite a bit, although I would have liked to witness a few story points that were fade to black or glossed over.

There are some very likeable secondary characters including Luke's son Zack and his best friend Ryan, who is like a second son to Luke, and Bennett, a friend he makes through Rainbow Blues. Ryan could use a mentor and Bennett might fit that role rather well.