Room at the Edge

Room at the Edge - Jane Davitt,  Alexa Snow I enjoyed this sequel to [b:Room at the Top|12446339|Room at the Top (Room at the Top #1)|Jane Davitt||17429351] almost as much as the first book.

Liam, Jay and Austin are working on moving their relationship forward, and integrating each other into their lives beyond the bedroom. Liam is still working on accepting both his sexuality and his place in the relationship with Jay and Austin. Jay is asking for more intense scenes that will push him further than Liam is certain he wants to go, while Austin is showing a desire for full time submission to Liam. As if figuring out the dynamics of their relationship isn't daunting enough, there is still family to consider.

Things don't go perfectly, and there are missteps by everyone. I wish the family issues were a little more fleshed out, but it was good to see the men really working at things. The BDSM scenes were even more intense this time around, although I would have liked a little more of the men outside of the bedroom. I wouldn't mind getting more of their story as there is still so much ground that could be covered.