Pickup Men

Pickup Men - L.C. Chase I really enjoyed this story and am eager to move on to the next one.

While it was a somewhat typical story of an out and proud man (Marty) trying to deal with his deeply closeted lover (Tripp) while both are working on the testosterone filled rodeo circuit, I thought it was done with a lot of emotion and set up a romance that I really wanted to work. While Marty is understanding of Tripp's predicament, he really doesn't know where the deep rooted fear is coming from, but after a year together, when Tripp denies Marty in a heartbreaking manner, Marty decides that love just isn't enough to keep things going and breaks things off.

Their work will keep them in the same places so there is no way of there being a clean break and both men obviously love each other. When Eric, the sexy EMT who treated Marty becomes a regular on the circuit and someone who would obviously like to be closer to Marty, Tripp realizes that he has to make a tough decision, and Marty is more than happy to give him a little push. When that decision has unexpected consequences, the two men find themselves torn even further apart.

Usually I don't like it when a couple is separated for much of a story, but I thought it worked really well here. There are a lot of serious issues touched on, but a couple were not as developed as I'd hoped they would be, and there are some plot strings that are not completely resolved, that hopefully will be addressed in future books. The secondary characters were well drawn and I am really looking forward to Eric and Bridge's story. Recommended for anyone who likes their sexy cowboys to have to work hard for their happy ending.