Isle of Waves (The Isle Series Book 3)

Isle of Waves (The Isle Series Book 3) - Sue Brown Although there is a lot going on in this book, it had a bit of a lighter tone than the first two, not to say there wasn't plenty of drama or difficult events. The entire Owens clan has descended on the island for Sam and Liam's wedding so we get a chance to catch up with everyone. Liam is still not well from his accident and Sam has been so wrapped up and distracted with that, he has been losing clients from his own business. In addition, there is a huge storm, serious illness for a loved one and the general madness a large, meddling family brings with it.

I wasn't sure what to expect from Nibs and Wig, but I really liked them as a couple. Nibs is the owner/cook at the restaurant who comes off as a badass, but is a real softie inside and Wig, 10 years older than Nibs, is flamboyant and in your face as the person who runs the Lagoon. Their business is suffering at the hands of the business owners next door and there are things going on that Nibs has kept from Wig. I really enjoyed the interplay of this long term couple having to reevaluate things as their lives seem to be crumbling around them.

The couple I am most intrigued with right now though is Paul and Olaf Skandik. Olaf is back from the US for the wedding, but is still closeted and uncomfortable with his sexuality. While they have tried to maintain the long distance relationship, it is definitely causing tension between the two men. Between their story here and the short Isle of Waiting in the [b:Grand Adventures|21508457|Grand Adventures|S.A. McAuley||40841649] anthology, their happy ending is far from certain. I really enjoy this series and hope Sue Brown is planning to wrap up the few things left hanging.