Learning to Love: Final Exam

Learning to Love: Final Exam - K.C. Wells My only complaint about [b:Learning to Love: Final Exam|22852231|Learning to Love Final Exam|K.C. Wells|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1406959541s/22852231.jpg|42415916] is that it is the last book in the series. Over the course of the first three books, I have come to love the six sweet, loving housemates and am sad to see them go, but am very happy that they have such a wonderful send off. My five stars is not just for the book but the series overall.

This story continues where the last one ended, with the majority of the three now committed couples entering their final year of school and living as housemates. Sean and Michael have returned from Spain and although Sean has been diagnosed with migraines and given medication, he is not getting better. Josh is working non-stop between school and picking up shifts as a nurse at the hospital causing strain on his relationship with Chris, who is continuing to work off his community service hours at a local youth center. Evan and Daniel’s relationship on the other hand is thriving as they look to expand the nature of their D/s relationship, which is another cause of stress for Josh, who is still getting over the trauma inflicted by his ex. With all of this going on, the boys do what they do best and pull together as a family to support each other. I have always loved the honest, nurturing, loving relationship that has bonded the six men together, and it is only strengthened in this book.

Everything I enjoyed in the first three books is represented here. The boys are funny, sweet as sugar, touchy-feely, drink way too much coffee and the couples can’t get enough of each other. The writing is superb and brought me both laughter and tears. There is also no shortage of sexy times between the couples. Loose ends are tied up and we get to catch up with some recurring secondary characters such as Daniel’s brother Miles, Sean’s family, and friends Ben and James.

There are brief appearances from characters in other [a:K.C. Wells|6576876|K.C. Wells|https://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1387376816p2/6576876.jpg] stories that you will instantly recognize if you have read them (although it will take nothing away if you haven’t) and the fact that all her books take place in the same world leaves me with the hope that this isn’t exactly the last glimpse we will have of Sean, Michael, Evan, Daniel, Josh and Chris. As bittersweet as it was in the end, I couldn’t help but smile at the call back to the first scene in the first book and Sean and Michael’s brief visit back to the house.