With This Ring, I Thee...Oh, Sh*t!

With This Ring, I Thee...Oh, Sh*t! - Dane Waters 3.5 stars

This book surprised me a bit and I am having a tough time with reviewing and rating it. There is a lot going on, some of it I loved and some of it I just wasn't sure about.

I enjoyed Dean and Leo as a couple. Dean is marrying Leo's sister and is meeting the family in Texas for the first time. Leo is estranged, but has agreed to be Dean's best man to make his sister happy and piss off his father. Things are crazy from the start, with Dean being banished from the main house to stay in a cabin with Leo, and his fiancee becoming another person when she is back home with her family and friends, with many of the secondary characters being caricatures of jealous friends, bridesmaids and angry family. Dean is attracted to Leo and Leo is keeping some dark secrets.

While there is a lot of humor, some of it way over top, there is also a bit of a dark storyline involving Leo's reasons for leaving the ranch and his father's dislike of him. Overall I enjoyed the story and the writing, especially the craziness of final wedding scene.

Warning though, the book does contain some things that certain readers may be sensitive about cheating, girl bits, some m/f and f/f action .