The Brick Yard (What's His Passion?)

The Brick Yard (What's His Passion?) - Carol Lynne This is the first book I have read by Carol Lynne and it completely took me by surprise. While the romance between Lucky and Dray is often sweet and tender, the book does not sugar coat the harsh realities of Lucky’s life or the gut wrenching loss the men are experiencing with the illness of their friend and mentor Brick. In this story Lucky needs to come to terms with his real motivation behind his fights and the damage done by his abusive, junkie of a mother, as well as opening up the doors on his long hidden sexuality, all while trying to keep himself together for the sake of the man who has been his father figure and savior.

Lucky’s life was saved the day he walked into the Brick Yard training gym as an abused and neglected teenager. There he found shelter, food, a job and the support of its owner, Brick, who became the closest thing to a real parent he’d ever have. At the time, Dray was working his way up the ranks as an MMA fighter and Lucky not only admired him, but also nursed a crush on him. When a vengeful lover throws Dray’s career into chaos, he chooses to leave rather than fight it. His last piece of advice to Lucky, “Sex, no matter who with, isn’t worth giving up your dreams for”, and Lucky’s disdain for the fans who turned their back on Dray, colored his decisions and ability to move up in his sport. Years later, Dray returns to help Lucky care for Brick and despite his intentions to keep a distance between Lucky and himself, he soon finds he can’t resist helping and loving Lucky, who has been more broken by life than Dray could have imagined.

The book is beautifully written and the love between Dray and Lucky flowed naturally. The stories of the boys Brick has taken under his wing over the years was heartbreaking yet inspiring. Lucky faces a number of struggles due to the severe abuse he suffered as a child and it was difficult to read at times, but it was rewarding to see him slowly open up to those that offered him support and saw him as a better man than he believed himself to be. I highly recommend this book.

An ARC of the book was kindly provided by the publisher for an honest review.