Beneath the Stain - Part Three

Beneath the Stain - Part Three - Amy Lane There was a lot revealed in this part and everyone seems to have grown a little with Trav as a guiding force. While Mackey is getting stronger and dealing with his long repressed anger and hurt, the rest of the group is also forced to do some dealing of their own. Emotions and angst peak here in the way Amy Lane does so well.

I am glad I'm reading the installments since this has the gut-wrenching potential of [b:The Locker Room|10821000|The Locker Room|Amy Lane||15734717] and [b:Chase in Shadow|13423284|Chase in Shadow (Johnnies, #1)|Amy Lane||18870311]. Almost at the halfway point and I am fully expecting the next part of the story to be where Amy Lane plunges the knife in my gut and twists.

Review to follow on completion of story. Debra's review