Love and Punishment

Love and Punishment - Susan Mac Nicol I enjoyed this book, which wasted no time getting to the action. With equal weight given to the crime plot (including POV from the bad guy) and relationship, I didn't feel cheated out of either story line.

We know from early on who the killer is, so this isn't so much a whodunnit as it is a psychological thriller with a serial killer, BTK, that appears to have a personal vendetta against Detective Tony Parglietto and is willing to use Tony's boyfriend, newspaper reporter Flynn, to get his message across.

The two MC's acted like grown ups for the most part which is always appreciated, without overwrought drama and there is a good supporting cast of secondary characters. Just a word of warning, the killer is a brutal psychopath and the crime scene descriptions and some on page torture may be a bit much for squeamish readers.