The Luckiest (Lucky Moon Book 2)

The Luckiest (Lucky Moon Book 2) - M.J. O'Shea, M.J. O'Shea 4.5 stars

It was clear at the wedding in [b:Beyond Moonlight|13449314|Beyond Moonlight (Lucky Moon, #1.5)|Piper Vaughn||18970290] that Nick was not dealing well with his brother Shane marrying Jesse. In The Luckiest, we find that not long after, Nick's poor decision making has landed him and bandmate Dre in the hospital after a spectacular, drug fueled, headline making car crash. Nick now finds himself with a broken arm and sentenced to at least three months in rehab. While Nick is resigned to the fact he has to be there, and may grudgingly admit he needs to be, he is not going to go down easy (I couldn't stop laughing at his answers to the questions on his patient intake form). Unable and unwilling to connect with the less than compassionate doctor assigned to his case, he soon finds himself sharing his feelings with his nutritionist Luka. A bit flamboyant and determined to bring out the Nick he sees under the bad boy persona, Luka makes Nick his pet project. After his stay in rehab is up Nick returns home, but with both his brother Shane and friend Dre out of the state and the band on hiatus, Nick reaches out to Luka for support. As their relationship progresses Luka needs to overcome the damage done by his last boyfriend and Nick needs to learn everything there is about caring for another person and making a relationship work.

The authors did a great job developing both Nick and Luka and the relationship progressed from friends to lovers at a nice pace with plenty of sexual tension. I was pulling for Nick all the way, even when he seemed downright unlikable. His feelings of abandonment and jealousy of Shane really broke my heart and as much as I like Shane and understood his position, I was really mad at him in the beginning. Watching both Nick and Luka struggle when it's time for Nick to be the rock star again provided plenty of drama and the sex was scorching. I was also glad to see a nicely written female best friend in Jeans and plenty of catching up with Shane and Jesse.

I have yet to be disappointed by a [a:Piper Vaughn|5029054|Piper Vaughn|] and [a:MJ O'Shea|3512511|M.J. O'Shea|] collaboration and am looking forward to the re-release of the next book in the series.

An ARC of this book was kindly provided by the author for an honest review.